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3/2 solenoid valve


3/2 Solonoid valve 24V


3/2 valve role-operated


3/2 valve, switch M16


Abs modulator vcs2


Abs relay modulator


Air Bellow


Airtank 10l l=355 d=206


Airtank 10l l=620 d=154


Airtank 20l l=500 d=246


Airtank 20l l=500 d=246


Airtank 20l l=695 d=206

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Pneumatic parts for your trailer 

Are you looking for pneumatic parts for your trailer, such as brake lines, a pneumatic valve or air hose couplings? Then you have come to the right place at! Our range of pneumatic parts mainly consists of braking systems from the Wabco brand, but you will also find Nooteboom-specific parts in our range. On this page you will find our range of pneumatic parts for your trailer.

A wide range of trailer parts has a very wide range of pneumatic parts for your trailer, tailored exactly to your specifications. Whether you are looking for air hose couplings, brake lines, air tanks or a pneumatic valve - you will find everything you need for your trailer at!

Your pneumatic parts delivered within 24 hours 

When you buy your trailer parts from us, you are assured of fast delivery. delivers your parts throughout Europe within 24 hours. We can offer this to you thanks to our extensive network of distribution centers and service organizations in France and Germany. The pneumatic parts you see on this page we have in stock in our own warehouse, so we can ship your order very quickly. Of course, you can always return your purchase within 30 days.

Trailer parts of the highest quality 

At Nooteboom Parts, we value reliability highly. We sell only top quality trailer parts - whether it's your brake lines, air tanks or any other part. When selecting our range, we only go for the very best brands and suppliers. This way, as a transporter, you know that your trailer will always get the very best.

Nooteboom parts: for all your trailer parts is the address for all your pneumatic parts, but of course you can also come to us for other parts for your (special) trailer. Also take a look at our trailer electrics, trailer accessories, or parts for your trailer steering. Our other trailer parts are also delivered to you within 24 hours.

Want to learn more about pneumatic parts at Nooteboom? 

Do you have a question about one of our pneumatic parts? Or you don't know exactly which part you need? Our experts will be happy to assist you. They can use your chassis number to find out which system and parts have been used. Contact us.